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DEC 13-15

The Next Buyback Information

DEC 13-14  9:00AM - 7:30PM  DEC 15 - 9:00AM - 4:00PM

DEC 14 - 9:00AM -  6:00PM - DEC 15 9:00AM - 12:00PM


SCC picture ID's are required for all buy-back transactions.

Textbook Buyback Policy

The bookstore wants to buy your book back for 1/2 the new price (so if you bought it used, you're getting 67% back) If:

1. Faculty will be using the title next quarter.

2. The SCC Lincoln Campus Bookstore is not overstocked on the title.

3. It is resalable - intact and reusable.

4. You present your SCC student ID 



If faculty does not reuse the title, wholesale price ( not determined by the Bookstore) is offered based on:

1. National demand from other bookstores.

2. Unsold inventory in wholesaler's warehouse.

3. Edition and publisher's price of the textbook.

4. Condition of the textbook.


*When it is not "buyback time," wholesale price is what will be offered to you if you wish to sell back your books.

Publishers determine when new editions are released.  Faculty decides which titles we sell.  For some courses, the SCC Lincoln Campus Bookstore can only sell new copies.  Selling used books benefits you and the Bookstore. 

Have a question?  Email us at psedlace@southeast.edu